Em’s Takeout in St. Lawrence, Newfoundland

Shaun and I stopped into Em’s Takeout while we were in St. Lawrence for an event. The lobby was clean. There is no where to sit and eat unless you use a picnic table outside. We had to wait about 20 minutes but it was close to supper time. I don’t have an issue with having to wait a little extra. Most of the time this means they are cooking something. If I walk in and my meal is put in front of me right away I normally won’t go back because it was under a heat lamp and I can taste that. There was also phone in orders ahead of us. The wait was understandable especially when the fries are the color they are. If they were browner and rubbery they would be have been precooked and put back down into the grease to crisp up. I hate that. Both Shaun and I love a good homemade fry and Em’s had them. The homemade fries were perfection. We requested the dressing and gravy be in separate containers and it was. (I dislike gravy on my chicken) The coating on the chicken was tasty and it was a large piece. The chicken was hot all the way through. It wasn’t dry and it was flavorful. Good job Em’s.

Would you go back? Sure would.

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